Services for Businesses

Our primary business service offering is a comprehensive Information Technology Support Agreement. This is a support agreement covering the full range of technical support, repair, installation, and consulting services designed for companies without an internal I.T. department or computer support staff. The cost is a flat annual fee billed in quarterly increments and varies depending on the number of servers and PCs in your organization. Virtually all of our business clients have chosen to be covered by this managed service. For businesses preferring a less structured arrangement, here is a partial list of services available as needed:

  • Problem Resolution. This can be virtually anything, from a spyware infection to a crashed PC hard drive to a replacement server to a laser printer repair. The bottom line is you make us aware of the problem and we perform a fix and resolve the problem. An estimate will be provided and labor is billed hourly from $80 to $100 per, depending on the nature of the service provided, plus parts or software as required.
  • Network Assessment. For businesses unhappy with their current services provider, a network assessment provides a thorough and frank review of the state of your network including servers, Internet firewall/security, backups, PCs and other key equipment. The assessment will include a recommended plan of action for problem areas and an estimate of costs where required. Assessments can vary somewhat depending on the size of the network but will generally be in the range of $320. The assessment fee is credited against any future technical labor or support agreements with Coastal PC Support.
  • Windows Server Administration and Troubleshooting. We have extensive experience with Microsoft's Windows Server family of products including Small Business Server and Exchange Email Server. If you have an existing Windows Server installation that is not being properly administered, we'd like to solve that problem for you. Or if you're in the market for a server upgrade, then we'd like to discuss and offer a competitive proposal.

  • Connect Remotely to Your PC at the Office. A wide range of remote connectivity options exist for today's office worker or business owner. We install and support Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection feature, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and Windows Terminal  Servers. Take control of your office PC from a home Windows PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. Or better integrate your work email, contacts and calendars to your smart phone (Droid, iPhone, or Windows Mobile device).

  • Hardware Purchases. Coastal PC Support sells the Hewlett Packard business line of servers, desktops, laptops, and printers. If your business is in the market for new hardware, we'd like to offer an itemized proposal including the option to install the hardware and migrate existing data and software where needed.

  • Software Licenses. Coastal PC Support is part of the Microsoft Partner network and we offer a complete line of Microsoft's business software including all versions of Windows Server, Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating systems, and Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and OneNote).  We also sell, implement and support the Symantec Endpoint Security software line and Symantec's Backup Exec and System Recovery software.

  • Break/Fix Repair. We provide warranty repair for Hewlett Packard's business line of servers, desktops, and laptops. Out-of-warranty repair is provided for virtually all Windows-based PCs and peripherals, including Hewlett Packard laserjet printers.
  • "Inspection and Correction" Internet Security and PC Optimization. This service is performed over the Internet via a secure remote connection. Cost is $60 per PC.

  • Crash Recovery for PCs with Failed Windows Installations or Crashed Hard Drives. Data Recovery is possible in many cases, depending on the severity of the crash. This service can be performed at your place of business. Cost can vary depending on the nature of the recovery but will generally be in the $120 range for labor, plus parts. An estimate will be provided prior to the start of service.

  • Windows Upgrades. For upgrades we first do a free remote evaluation of your PC to consult with you and determine if an upgrade is a good decision (sometimes an outright replacement makes more financial sense). If an upgrade is a good fit for you, we'll either do it onsite at your place of business or bring your PC tower or laptop into a service office for repair, whichever is most economical and convenient to you. Cost can vary depending on the nature of the upgrade but will generally be in the $120 range for labor, plus parts or software as required. An estimate will be provided prior to the start of service.

  • New PC Installations and Migrations. We can perform installation and setup services for new PCs and move/migrate your old data where needed. This service is performed at your place of business. Cost can vary depending on work required but will generally be in the $120 range for labor.

  • PC Disposal or Wiping. Getting rid of an old PC isn't always a simple matter of taking it to the dump. Your old data, and often times sensitive personal information, is easily retrievable from the hard drive by a skilled person looking to steal your identity or financial info, even if you've deleted files and reformatted the hard drive. Permanent file deletion requires a professional grade wipe of the data. Or in some cases, you might want your old PC safely wiped and returned to original factory setup so you can donate it to someone in need. We offer a basic safe PC Disposal service for $60, or a safe PC wipe and return to factory setup for $120. The basic safe PC disposal requires that we pickup your tower or laptop at your place of business. We'll then dispose of the PC after the hard drive has been permanently wiped clean. Those PCs requiring a return to factory setup will be dropped back off at your place of business when completed.

If you're interested in any of these services, please contact Coastal PC Support. You're welcome to call, but an email would be preferred and should also include the additional information:

  • Your Name and/or Business Name:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Brief description of service you're interested in:
  • Preferred Number to Call You:
Please email to
Or phone the office: 843-232-8470

Payment can be made by Check or Credit Card once the service is complete. For business customers, Term billing is also available. All services are guaranteed 100% to your satisfaction or your money back.