Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Shipwrecked or Smooth Sailing?

Staying safe and secure on the Internet is sort of like being a ship in open waters during a storm: It can get pretty adventurous out there and a lot depends on navigation. And then there are the pirates, constantly plotting and sneaking to hijack your data and literally steal your treasures.

Antivirus software alone provides nothing more than a false sense of security. Defending your data from attack on the Internet requires a comprehensive expert plan and hypervigilant monitoring for threats. And if you bank or shop online from a PC that's anything less than fully protected, you roll the dice each time you enter a credit card number or login to check an account.

For companies who trust their entire business to the secure and reliable operation of their data networks, we provide a comprehensive set of managed services with 24x7 remote monitoring. These services have a long proven track record with many of the top business names along the Grand Strand.