About this website

This website was setup using Google's Blogger software service and is hosted on Google's blogspot.com. We chose this service because it's free, safe and easy to use. We intentionally chose not to do a Facebook page because of security concerns and other issues. Depending on the browser you use and the device operating system (Windows, MAC, iPad, Android) you're using, you may see a bar across the top of every page as pictured below that includes options for "Share," Report Abuse," Next Blog" etc...That bar is part of Google's navigation system for the blogspot.com website and is not part of coastalpcsupport.com's design or within our control. We wish we could simply hide it or turn it off, but it's an integral part of the blogspot.com navigation system, so we have to live with it as-is. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox on a Windows PC, you shouldn't see the bar at all.