Information Technology Support Plan for Business

The I.T. Support Plan is a comprehensive set of technical support and consulting services designed to increase your return on technology investments by minimizing down-time, increasing the productivity of your users, and guiding you through the maze of technology investment decisions. The plan delivers to you the services of a highly experienced and skilled technology professional capable of providing consulting, network security, network engineering, training, software help desk support, and hardware repair services. The base plan includes all core services listed below.

  1. Network and Internet Security
  2. Network Monitoring
  3. Disaster Recovery Implementation and Management
  4. Remote Support
  5. Telephone Support
  6. On-Site Support
  7. On-Site Hardware Repair Service
  8. Documentation / Asset Management
  9. Information Technology Consulting
  10. Setup and Installation Services

The cost of the I.T. Support Agreement is a flat annual fee billed in quarterly increments. The exact cost is based on the number of servers, PCs, and office locations. For example, an agreement for a single office location with one server and ten PCs would typically cost $4000 per year.

Support Plan Core Services:

1. Network and Internet Security – Every business is connected to the Internet and performs business on the Internet in one fashion or another. And at no time in history have the challenges in network and Internet security been greater or the consequences of failure more grave. Spyware, malware, viruses, phishing schemes, social networking, security patch management…the list of challenges goes on and on and requires constant and vigilant monitoring of your security vitals. We meet those challenges through expert installation and management of your Internet firewall, including products from Barracuda networks, and rapid response and correction to security outbreaks that may occur.

2. Network Monitoring Services -- Proactive monitoring of your critical network equipment to make sure potentially damaging problems are not lurking just beneath the surface. The monitoring service is accomplished by remote access via monitoring software licensed and maintained by Coastal PC Support. Monitoring services cover servers, backups/disaster recovery, network security, virus/security outbreak, management of software updates and security patches, along with any other key PCs or equipment. The monitoring software provides up-to-the-minute “heartbeat” status of your network.

3. Disaster Recovery Implementation and Management -- Disaster recovery planning, implementation and management is the most vital service for network file servers or other highly critical equipment. This service includes creation of disaster recovery backups that can be restored without first re-installing the network operating system, greatly reducing the potential downtime. These backups are also created and maintained in such a way as to allow recovery to different computer hardware, in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. We recommend and can implement a best practice combination of local disaster recovery backups stored on disk or tape and a secure off-site automated backup to a leading Internet backup service provider. Also includes on-site completion of the recovery process in the event of a down server or other disaster, 24x7.

4. Remote Support -- Remote support using LogMeIn Rescue support software and available to any PC connected to the Internet at any location.  LogMeIn is an industry leading solution for remote support, troubleshooting, and monitoring. Remote support is more efficient than either telephone support or on-site support and is typically available in real-time at the moment the problem is occurring. No scheduling or waiting for a tech to arrive onsite. It also relieves your users from the responsibility of interpreting and translating what they see on their system over the phone and the user can actually easily demonstrate the problem they're having.

5. Telephone Support -- Comprehensive Help Desk telephone support service for your staff, covering the servers, PCs, remote users and remote branches. This includes support for your hardware, Windows and for all common Microsoft software applications like Office.  Additionally, support is provided to key third party technology vendors and software suppliers. And this support is provided by people who will know you and your staff by name. No out-sourcing or attempts to pass you off to the manufacturer.

6. On-Site Technical Support & Problem Resolution -- All critical software and operational problems that cannot be resolved via remote support or telephone support would be resolved at your place of business on or before the Next Business Day. This service is geared towards the support of your software products and general operation of your network. Actual hardware repair services are detailed below under On-Site Hardware Repair Service. Note: Servers and key equipment that is necessary to the overall operation of the network is supported 24x7 by any means required.

7. On-Site Hardware Repair Service -- Included as part of the base plan with all hardware that is still under the manufacturer’s parts warranty. If Coastal PC Support is warranty service authorized for the product, then we make the repair. If Coastal PC Support is not warranty service authorized for the product, then our primary role becomes support coordinator working with the manufacturer to obtain the necessary repairs. For example, if a Dell PC - still under Dell’s parts warranty - needs a hard drive replacement, Coastal PC Support would coordinate the repair with Dell (acting on the customer’s behalf) and then install the required part once it arrives from Dell. Crashed servers or other highly critical equipment would be responded to on-site within 4 hours, 24x7.

8. Documentation/Asset Management -- A comprehensive site survey that provides documentation of your products and how they are configured. Also includes a schematic/diagram detailing the layout of the network. 

9. Information Technology Consulting -- Keeping your decision-makers well informed to ensure that your technology investments are wise ones.  We play the role of an actual information technology department assisting the business owners or department managers with their information technology decisions, particularly in the area of strategic planning and product selection.  This service includes our availability to perform in-depth consulting and analysis of your I.T. needs.

10. Installation and Setup Services  -- Setup and installation of your hardware and software purchases is provided as part of your standard managed services contract. No additional fees for installation and setup services on your purchases, whether those purchases are made from Coastal PC Support or not.